Harold’s Chicken has been referred to as the “Fried Chicken King of the South Surburbs of Chicago” and is now becoming increasingly popular in other regions! The late Franklin Pierce, with the support of family and friends, opened up the first Harold’s Chicken Shack on 47th and Greenwood in Chicago, IL back in 1950 and has expanded growth since.


As the story is told Mr. Pierce and his family had the local preacher over for dinner. He had eaten the last piece of chicken at the dinner table which is what sparked the fire inside of Mr. Pierce. Vowing to never run out of chicken again; Mr. Pierce had converged with Gene Rosen (Rosen Poultry) and was able to perfect the recipe that has been feeding the Chicagoland area for years! We take a lot of pride in our products and services, please let us know if you have questions and concerns!


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